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Popee the Performer (ポピーザぱフォーマー) is a series of 3D animated shorts that originally aired January 3rd, 2000, and was created for the TV channel Kids Station. It was produced by Ryuji Masuda, writer and director, along with his wife Wakako Masuda, in charge of art and character design. The show is a violent slapstick comedy centered around the antics of Popee, Kedamono, and other inhabitants of the Wolf Circus.


POPEE (ポピー)
An apprentice clown at Wolf Circus and the protagonist of the show. He may seem nice at first, but he's actually quite mischievous and cruel. He is shown to be short-tempered, easily jealous, and egotistical. He's "probably" a boy.

KEDAMONO (ケダモノ, lit. beast)
Popee's assistant at Wolf Circus. He's friendly and delicate. He loves fried chicken to the point of dying and coming down from heaven repeatedly for it. Despite being Popee's assistant, he is frequently victim to Popee's violent outbursts.

PAPI (パピィ)
Popee's father of unknown age. He's an eccentric and easygoing performer who likes to do things at his own pace. His mysterious behavior is a confusion to Popee. Popee doesn't believe that Papi is his real father and thinks his real father is elsewhere.

Frog (カエル)
A relatively normal frog that settled into the circus before he knew it.

Paola (パオラ)
Papi's car/pet. Her body is inorganic, but her head is alive. She gets along well with Kedamono but treats Popee coldly.

Audience (観客)
Irresponsible spectators that are always watching the circus. They're just graffiti on a wall, however...

Alien (宇宙人)
A gray alien that occassionally visits the circus.

UFO Girls (UFOガールズ)
A pair of girls that dance on TV. Watching them with fried chicken in hand are Kedamono's only moments of peace. They are said to have been dancing ever since the program first aired.

God (神)
A giant and powerful stone head that sits outside the circus.

Mirror Popee (鏡ポピー)
A mirror version of Popee with the personality of Kedamono. Referred to by fans as Eepop.

Mirror Kedamono (鏡ケダモノ)
A mirror version of Kedamono with the personality of Popee. Referred to by fans as Onomadek.

White Wolf
A strange wolf that rarely appears. They are theorized to be Kedamono's mother, but this is not confirmed.

Marifa (マリファ)
Popee's younger sister who never appears in the show. She's said to be a trickster and "probably" a girl.