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about the owner
i am gonna keep this short cuz this page is already attached to my main website with a WHOLE IN DEPTH ABOUT ME :P

hello my friend. i am reworking this page. i randomly made this for fun cuz I LAV POPEE THE PERFORMER...

my favorite popee character is popee himself

and one of my favorite episodes is knife thrower! i think it's a good "popee entry point"...
about the webpage (for real this time)
initially a general info page, now it's just a popee fanpage for whatever i want!

expect to see basic stuff like character info and merch lists and also some goofy or experimental stuff like profile decorations and quizzes!


here are some buttons if you would like to link wolf zirkus on your own website ^_^
and send me your button if you have any popee pages you'd like to be added to the list of fanmade pages!

<a href="https://neoratz.neocities.org/wolfzirkus.html"><img src="https://imgur.com/hsC5uSR.gif"></a>

<a href="https://neoratz.neocities.org/wolfzirkus.html"><img src="https://imgur.com/y4SA1PP.gif"></a>

<a href="https://neoratz.neocities.org/wolfzirkus.html"><img src="https://https://imgur.com/NciYT3K.gif"></a>