POPEE the Performer Carnival

full titlePOPEE the Performer Carnival / Uncensored Ver.
original price¥5,800
developed byLivedoor
release dateAugust 8th, 2003

POPEE the Performer Carnival is a desktop accessory CD-ROM developed by Livedoor for Windows 2000 and Windows XP. It was released 8/8/2003. Despite the name, a "censored" version doesn't exist. The first press edition was bundled with a celluloid Kedamono mask.

The CD-ROM includes wallpapers, screensavers, and many self-described "useless" features.

The "main" application of the CD-ROM will open a menu featuring Popee, Kedamono, Frog, and Papi standing in front of the audience. It has a chance of displaying secret menu designs of Papi, Frog, and static.

(screenshot from MediaMonster's YouTube video)

A large character head will spawn corresponding to which character you choose and act as the "menu" from there, with parts of their faces being clickable and changing depending on where your mouse is.

It has 12 wallpapers each for Popee, Kedamono, and Papi, as well as 10 miscellaneous ones. I have all the wallpapers available on this page for easy access!

There's a much smaller amount of screensavers, with 5 for Kedamono, 4 for Popee, 3 for miscellanea, and only 1 for Papi.

The useless features include:

• big character heads that avoid your cursor
• small characters that follow your cursor
• a short animation of Popee killing a dolphin
• a giant and unusable Paola cursor
• a calculator that displays Kedamono masks instead of numbers

To see POPEE the Performer Carnival in action, check out MediaMonster's video of it!

There's also a download link in the description if you'd like to play with the CD-ROM yourself. Please keep in mind the it won't work on all computers and may take additional setting up if it doesn't work properly on yours.