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my thoughts on lucky star!

it's HUGE. it's iconic and really a staple of it's genre.... and i gave it a 4/10. o_O

i didn't really vibe with it but it was goofy and i can see the appeal. honestly it would've been something more like a 6.5/10 for me if not for one problem.... there's unfortunately a large amount of Epic Lolicon Jokes, mostly from konata's dad. he's seriously such a stain on an otherwise pretty alright show and it's wild how i went all these years having not watched it and not hearing a WORD about sojiro izumi. there were a few gross jokes unrelated to him but they pale in comparison x_x

despite the gross bits i did NOT hate it, i just wouldn't necessarily recommend it to anyone either unless you can hold your nose for that kind of stuff. there were parts i enjoyed too! the other characters are pretty silly and lovable :P i think some of my favorite bits were lucky channel and tsukasa with her phone! (IT WAS SOOOO SAD WHEN SHE LEFT IT IN HER POCKET...) tsukasa wasn't even my favorite character (as good as she is), THESE were >

da best characters

akira kogami
i will be honest i mostly just like her because of her design... i love pink hair and yellow eyes and her design is just so cute!!!! :P i thought her interactions with minoru were funny too and while the gag about her not actually appearing in the show was good i do kinda wish she appeared a LITTLE more...

miyuki takara
another silly pink hair character.... i liked her sweet personality and her hatred of the dentist because i am also scared of the dentist even though they are helpful. no disrespect to dentists of course... take care of your teeth!!!!

misao kusakabe
i don't have much to say about her but i enjoy her good attitude and little tooth XD i liked the scene of her playing video game happily with ayano and kagami even though she was sucking

and she's a RESPECTABLE gamer..... unlike SOMEBODY

da WORST characters
(really sojiro is actually the #1 absolute worst character but i did not feel like it was necessary to include him here since i already explained my views on him earlier...)

konata izumi
MAYBE this is an unpopular opinion but i just did not like konata that much. she has a really cute design but she felt like kind of a lame friend and her Epic Otaku jokes were mostly really unfunny and embarrassing. i just do not care otaku culture and maybe it does not need to be said but anyone who willingly calls themself otaku sucks in general x( nothing against people who liked her obviously just not a fan and there were very few moments with her where i liked her

hiyori tamura
i'm sorry....... the jokes about shipping her friends just weren't funny..... they were just weird..... not much else to say here she just stinks

not a terrible show and i did have fun with the bits that weren't weird and liked a lot of the characters even if it wasn't totally my thing. still unfortunately a 4/10 due to the amount of nasty jokes :( it could have been a 6!!! it really could've!!!!!