about me

like i said earlier my name's katey and i'm 20!
my coding kinda stinks so a lot of this is made with very basic knowledge/frankensteined from help forums XD

my birthday is december 5th and that apparently makes me a sagittarius which is really unfortunate because i don't like horses. even my NAME is a horse girl name! what's up with that!!! something funny is i like my little ponies and unicorns even though i don't really like horses. i am not sure why!

i'm always happy to meet new people, so feel free to message me anywhere listed in my links if you'd like to talk! sometimes i am slow responding, but i'm ok with slow paced convos if you are...

i honestly can't think of anything else to say here but feel free to explore the rest of this page! :B

random facts

-my second favorite color is red

-i like red my melody more than pink my melody even though pink is my #1 color

-my first ever account on the internet as far back as i can remember was on neopets

-my title is from a thing i made when i was 11 called katey territory, which was a parody of kasane territory, which was a parody of kero ⑨ destiny

-ima autistic :D

likes & not likes

-video games
-collecting (figures/merch in general!)

not likes
-bugs (especially spiders)
-summer heat :(


favorite games
-animal crossing

favorite shows
-puella magi madoka magica
-popee the performer

favorite characters

da epic other faves

my art
my personality quiz results
best characters from everything in the universe