As it turns out, rain and paper are NOT a good combination. The ink is all smudged! And the handwriting is TERRIBLE! You're starting to think whoever left this here probably didn't care much about it.

Well, you've gotten this far, might as well try to make sense of this mess...

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7/"4"/2020 (played on 7/6 but changed the date to 7/4 XD)

started the day off by visiting belle's house! it's the first time i've been in it. it was really funny, the whole place was just cow stuff and the gyroids were constantly mooing. i like weird villager houses!!!

opal painted my roof for me. good thing i like orange(s)! i think a orange smelling house would be very awwsome actually and i would like this

i found my FAVORITE SHIRT EVER at the dump!!! WHAT LUCK!!!!!!!! goodbye fresh shirt!

sue e showed me a really weird letter she got o_O

i met.... t-bone..... i think he's kind of icky >_> (+weed cameo) i don't really like any of the bull villagers they're all pretty ugly to me, there's some nice cows but all the bulls STINK


i played around 5:00pm today and all my villagers were upset with me for being gone all day..... I'M SORRY GUYS :'(

also wart jr. moved in! two cranky villagers in a row... he traded with me (ranch bookcase for kiddie carpet) and then proceeded to call me a pushover. classic wart! i DO genuinely kinda like him though. i had him in new leaf... he's really not that bad! he has a silly smile! i like him more than rolf :P

not much to say today but i thought it'd make an entry anyways since 2 notable things are happening! nook's cranny is REMODELING! and...

rolf moved in! i think i had him in new leaf once. i'm pretty neutral to him!


first diary entry!!! i did a lot today!

it was a nice rainy day today!!! i went fishing hoping i might catch some random rare stuff cuz of the rain. i don't know if i caught anything too rare but i did catch some new stuff!

despite starting this town a year ago i haven't played much so i only got a fishing rod for the first time yesterday... so i will have a high chance of catching new things since i've hardly caught anything yet xP

i got bit by my first cringe little mosquito >:( i didn't even see him!!!! how small ARE mosquitos in this game??? hopefully i catch the next one before it gets me

my turnip prices were WACKY. unfortunately i forgot to buy turnips on sunday BUT i did obtain some through....... uh.... other methods (putting in a code like a little cheater). i'll have to remember to buy some next sunday!

lastly i made a WHOLE new town on memory card B just to drop twirp off since he said he wanted to leave. my starter villagers were kiki, static, teddy, dozer, freya, and huggy and the native fruit was peaches. it was kind of a pain in the butt to do all of nook's tasks all over again but i'm glad i did it... probably gonna desert the town forever now. sorry keda from puppy!!! maybe we will meet again someday......

as you can see it was a very eventful day :P see you in the next entry whenever that may be!!!