neo's HEAVENWURLD ଘ(ˊ_ˋ)
together we sit at the edge of the heavens
spirits of droll dancing in sevens...

you are now being transported to a virtual recreation of neo's world. we hope you enjoy your stay.


+ new stuff +
3/27/2023: added a clock to the sidebar + maybe new font?

3/15/2023: forgot to update this for a while haha. added a lot. working on index as we speak

12/27/2021: added a temporary(?) about page

7/8/2021: continuing refurbishment ^_^

6/6/2021: refurbishing all of the main pages... piece by piece

7/30/2020: added a page for my art :D

7/26/2020: general freshening up and added a buttons page!
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